Wednesday, 8 January 2014

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Open Access Print Studios
Whilst staying at home over Christmas I visited Oxford Printmakers Workshop; an open access print studio offering a range of printmaking facilities which can be used during opening times for £24 a month or £36 a month for 24 hour access.  The technician showed me their 1828 Albion relief press measuring 33’’x22’’ which would be perfect for me to test designs. These facilities could allow me to continue printing after we graduate until I buy my own press, as I know I will feel lost without the Colombian Press which I have come to rely on. There are several other such studios around the country such as the Hotbed Press in Manchester.
I wanted to carve some new blocks, so here is my new set of carvings (below) the two smaller squares are exactly a quarter of the size of the larger one, so they can be combined in a number of ways.  I was not happy with the larger design originally because it seemed too random and I did not think it would be very effective, but while printing with it I have grown more fond of it especially after printing it in repeat.
Varnishing with shellac ready to print

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